About ArtiLiège

Founded in 1983, Artiliège quickly developed in the field of industrial ventilation and fan maintenance.

Artiliège continues its commitment to Quality and Safety Management based on the ISO 9001 and VCA* standards. It has been continuously ISO9001 and VCA* certified since 2000.

Some key dates

  • 2009
    • Increase in workshop size 400 m².
    • Installation of a new CEMB HOFFMANN Z4500 GGV balancer to allow us to balance large wheels (max 2300 mm).
  • 2011
      A challenge is launched!

      In order to respond to the increasingly frequent requests of many customers, the creation of the HVAC department was decided. Its success directly exceeded all our most optimistic expectations.

  • 2012

      Transformation of the “truck” reception area and modification of the front wall to facilitate access for large trucks.

  • 2013

      Installation of photovoltaic panels with a total power of 20 KVA.

  • 2013

      GRAND ENTRANCE into our new offices.

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