Fans, spare parts and registers


All types of standard or special industrial fans, centrifugal and helical, adapted to the specific needs of customers, for flow rates of up to 200,000 m 3/h and pressures of up to 40,000 Pa.

Special fans for very high temperatures (up to 900°C) or for very difficult operating conditions (abrasion, corrosion, etc.).



Manufacturing of all types of spare parts:

(Rotors, propellers, envelopes, etc.) according to plans or models.

The dimensions are noted on the models.

Our design office, with more than 30 years of experience, calculates the constraints and establishes plans for manufacturing.



The dampers are used to insulate the ducts or adjust the flow rates and pressures.

They can therefore be used in isolation or regulation or both.

The control can be manual, pneumatic or electric.

Registers can be

  • circular (“butterfly”),
  • rectangular (with 1 or more blades)
  • guillotine.

Operating temperature up to 800°C.

Waterproofing up to 99.5%.

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