• Complete maintenance and troubleshooting of industrial fans of all types: powers and brands combined
  • Emergency response 24/7 – On-call service
  • Assembly and installation of fans and ducting (suction and discharge)
  • Vibration measurements and diagnostics
  • Airflow measurements
  • Static and dynamic balancing on site using portable balancers
  • Alignment of any shaft line using a laser-powered device

Consultancy and services


Solutions for maintenance strategy
Corrective maintenance
Preventive maintenance
Predictive maintenance
Global solutions for the maintenance of rotating machines
Modifications, modernizations and improvements of drive systems
Machines with plain bearings (bearings).


Custom contracts for maintenance
Global contracts and management of a fleet of machines
Predictive maintenance contracts (vibration control, laser alignment, balancing, etc.)

On-site and workshop interventions
On-site disassembly and reassembly of rotating machines (motors, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, rollers, etc.)
Installations of online and offline vibration monitoring systems
Inspection, diagnosis, maintenance and replacement of plain bearings (cushions)
Deregulation and regulation of bearings
Manufacturing and assembly of chassis for motors and drive systems
Manufacturing of mechanical parts and assemblies according to plan or to measure
On-site assembly of new installations and commissioning
Workshop repairs of: motors, pumps, reducers, boosters, rollers, etc.

Balancing in the workshop
Balancing in the workshop is carried out using a computer-controlled CEMB HOFFMANN Z4500 GGV balancer, making it possible to balance fan wheels, cylinders, pump wheels, crankshafts, flywheels, turbines, etc.


4500 kg between bearings
2500 kg cantilever
Maximum diameter: 1900 mm between bearings – 2300 mm cantilevered
Maximum useful length between bearings: 1970 mm, with possibility of extension to 4500 mm
22 KW DC control motor.

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