Since 1983

Artiliège, your specialist in heating and ventilation
& air conditioner

A multitude of services

Our services are offered only for large industrial companies.


Studies, assembly, replacement and repairs.


24/24H - 7/7Y
Entretiens, breakdowns and repairs.


Studies, designs and manufacturing.

What characterizes the Artiliège company?

- Flexibility - Responsiveness - Flexibility - Skills -
- Quality - Safety -
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About Artiliège

A company that continues to grow!

Quality and safety

Founded in 1983, Artiliège quickly developed in the field of industrial ventilation, HVAC and fan maintenance…

Artiliège continues its commitment to Quality and Safety Management based on the ISO 9001 and VCA* standards.
It has been continuously ISO9001 and VCA* certified since 2000.

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